• There's an ice dagger in my heart,
    I've been cut in two,
    Do you truely believe,
    I would have done this to you?

    No flame can conceal,
    The hurt and the pain,
    The torments you sent to me,
    That haunt me day to day.

    I tried to run,
    I tried to hide,
    I shut up my feelings,
    Kept them inside.

    But the dagger drove deeper,
    And digs deeper still,
    It continually spins,
    Like a never ending drill.

    But you don't even mind,
    Then again, you never did,
    I was just a maid for you,
    I always did your bids.

    Thanks a lot for the 'good times'
    All those 'laughs' we have shared,
    I hope these memories fade,
    I can pretend that you cared.

    So as I run out of breath,
    I just want you to know,
    You some how made me stronger,
    You have helped me grow.

    As my vision fades out,
    I smile at last,
    I can forget everythign now,
    It's all in the past.