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    roses in ribbons,
    violets in lace,
    its hard to breathe,
    with a pillow in your face,

    roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    sugar is sweet,

    roses by the handfull,
    violets by the bunch,
    should i kill you after breakfast,
    or wait till after lunch,

    daisies in the garden,
    posies in the grave,
    when your falling out of the window,
    dont forget to wave

    i come from the past,
    i eat the night,
    i knew you when you were young,
    i tell you my story,
    but i sleep with a gun,
    this is your night, this is my night,
    touch my softly and you'll get a fright,
    the stars are holes in the sky,
    the moon is a thorn in the dark,
    it drips white light,
    give me a knife,
    lets stab our hearts out,
    this my night, this is your night,
    brush my lips and ill bleed you white,