• In a dream I must have been
    Tis what I thought you see
    but twas no dream, but blood and skin
    This creature that stood before me
    He came from my darkest fears
    yet was of my darkest desires
    He took away my pain and tears
    and left raging fires
    No rest I get for he's in my head
    No salvation in the dark
    To be his I do dread
    To burn up from his spark
    He's the charm of the Devil
    with a face of a saint
    In his presence I revel
    too late to remove his taint
    Of the darkness he is made
    A sweet temptation of sin
    and from the path I have strayed
    I've been corrupted from within
    Demon lover how could you be
    your scent is sickening sweet
    Your kiss is cold and oh so vile
    but these feelings I can't defeat
    I must be with you forever more
    My heart is not my own
    Your manipulation I abhor
    Your the sin I can't atone