• I wish I had the guts,
    to stop stumbling over all the buts,
    to talk to you, and tell you how I feel,
    to tell you this fear I hold that seems so real.

    I wish I simply wasn't afraid,
    to tell you how all this fear was made,
    It's all I've wanted for a while,
    but it seems as if your apart by a mile!

    I guess I'll just tell you in this little poem,
    who know's how far this will go,
    So how bout' we start,
    just don't let this bring up farther apart.

    See, you've left once before,
    what says you won't just once more,
    I mean, what's stoping you,
    could you be awaiting some cue?

    Just certain things from the past,
    make me wish, that this could last,
    simply, you and me,
    never to leave.

    But how can that even occur,
    if certain thoughts of mine, I'm simply a lurker?
    I mean, if I lose you just once more,
    I know I'll be more than just sore.

    I mean, sometimes I wish you were there,
    when I thought, you didn't care,
    I felt like nothing,
    Gods, how I always wished you were bluffing.

    I mean, I swear,
    24/7, I felt like I was in mid-air!
    I mean, not even able to eat,
    I was just so beat.

    Myself, I even tried to kill,
    But kinda out of will,
    I wussed out,
    leaving me with nothing to do but pout,

    Cause' all I did was cry,
    Always stumbling over your goodbye,
    Always lying on my bed,
    feeling nothing but dead.

    I mean if I felt that bad once before,
    what would I do if it happened once more?
    See, everytime we even kiss,
    I'm reminded of the thing, I've once missed. . ..