• Sitting in the prairie, it feels
    nice out.
    The sun is shining,
    the spring leaves blow across
    the sky.
    You stare out into the vast
    open blue of the sky,
    the clouds float aimlessly
    in and out of view.
    You inhale the smell of the
    salt-water air.
    The wind picks up, blowing
    harder than ever,
    You shirt snaps at the
    strength of the wind. You rise
    to get the full affect.
    You lean forward, winds so strong,
    you float above the ground.
    Eyes closed, not a care in the world;
    There's no stress,
    no drama, no war, not even peace.
    There's just that heavenly blissful feeling of
    flying amongst the clouds.
    Laying upon them, wrapping yourself
    in nothing but air.
    Soon you awake, it was nothing but a dream.
    Yet you currently lay upon a cloud.........