• Will this Angel ever be happy?
    She’s been torn apart so many times.
    Could she ever bring herself back together?
    You can only mend so many wounds,
    And you can only be put back together,
    so many times#. She is lost within herself,
    and the tomorrow that will come too soon.
    There are not enough tears to shed.
    She has run out.
    He will never return to her.
    She knows it.
    He could never be hers.
    She knew it from the start.
    You can never have your first love.
    Something always takes it away.
    The Angel crawls into a ball.
    A void.
    She goes deep within herself.
    Lost in her dreams,
    her nightmares.
    Never to be found
    Never to awake.
    She is lost forever.