• You Didn’t Kill Me When You Had the Chance

    You say that you love me, but you don’t even look me in the eyes.
    We had sworn to live for one another, until one of us dies.
    You ran away from me, trying to escape your lies.
    But even from so far away, I can hear
    Your agonizing cries. The writing is on the wall.
    I know that I am gone, but if you call my name, just know that
    I’ll come running.
    For one more night, to spend with you.
    This is where I’m meant to be, please don’t leave me.
    I can’t stand to be away from you.
    You’re the one person I can’t possibly lose.
    Just give me a day, or give me a night.
    A day when we can rest, and take a break from starting a fight.
    Have some time to ourselves. And all will be well, our love we will tell,
    Until we hear the sound of that bittersweet bell.
    All I ask for is one last dance,
    Because You Didn’t Kill Me, When You Had the Chance