• In my room brushing my hair
    dazed out the window
    there showed my older brother
    snook down stars
    out the front door
    we drove away
    arrived at a party
    too many familiar drunk faces
    all but one
    dark black hair
    and pail skin
    looking at me
    my neck hairs sticking up
    blushes on my cheeks
    he seemed to follow me every were
    I hung around my brother
    never once did we drink
    time went on,
    time to go home
    as we left
    that dark black hair man
    followed me
    began to worry
    told my brother,
    but then was gone
    nothing to worry about
    brother and me
    talking, joking, laughing
    until i seen bright lights,
    witch hit us like aloud
    my brother lay on the car
    eyes barely open
    i hured to were he lay,
    but before noticed a familiar car
    and someone at my door
    that strange darked head man
    who's eyes up close looked familiar,
    but was unknown
    picked me up
    took me to his car
    all i could thing was help
    my brother
    and left with me
    after calling the police
    my life was at stake or so i think
    in an un none place
    surrounded by nothing
    and just awoke from a hard awful dream
    or so i thought
    that man
    came in again he
    looked even more familiar
    still was unknown
    "Annabell he said'
    he is wrong its Bellanne
    confused and dazed he
    said you don't remember me
    my sweet love
    my sweet flower
    that lit my world
    tell you found a cure
    from this pray of night
    this monster this beast
    but you promised me in
    your seventeens
    once again
    we could unite
    it was not clear part of me
    new he was right
    my heart being in a different
    place decided to return to my brother
    but stood no chance
    maybe a name would
    change things
    Edward Vol-tree
    my life was turned
    i was someone else