• there is nothing else to rhyme for
    everything to die for
    life has no reason
    as we change the seasons

    we all just walk the walk and talk the talk but our words dont mean a thing
    there is nothing else to live for i've already lost everything!

    things are falling apart
    right off of the charts
    the war just needs to stop
    all the shooting the bombing all the useless things just call a ******** cop

    every thing just makes no sense
    and i mean everything
    all the teachers and preachers theyre all just talking s**t!!!

    im about to lose my mind
    i wish i could just rewind
    back to a time
    where everything had a rhyme

    i think its just the beggining
    im so sick of not winning
    all the people wel lost
    and everything is gone

    i wake in this field
    blood covers me
    i wish i could just stay asleep
    and never to come out
    im going rip van winknle
    the stars they all twinkle

    i am the dark star who doesnt shine
    this whole world will be mine
    i choose to fight into the night
    just to escape the pain

    flowers lay in her glass dead and wilted
    ever since he left her
    the world just seemed tilted

    i just wanna get away i just wanna get away i just wanna get away