• I'm like a star,
    I can light everyone else's life...
    But am surrounded by darkness.

    I'm like the moon,
    Who is isolated and alone.
    Who's mournful cries are unheard.

    I'm like the darkness that surrounds me,

    With all that I am,
    I dream of what I could be...
    But my dreams turn to nightmares.

    So with what I am, inside and out,
    I continue to breath on.
    Living, but if it were up to me
    My last breath would be soon.

    Like the stars, moon and darkness return at night,
    My hurt and depression return.
    As I lie in bed, the fear of sleep
    Turning to nightmares.

    My one dream, my one glimpse of hope
    is that one day my knight in amour
    Will rescue me from my pitiful
    Hell resting in my mind.
    I pray for that day of rebirth.

    So for now....
    I am a star
    I am the moon
    I am darkness

    I'm like the sun ,
    Warming others with my shining happiness
    But I lie in darknesson fire.

    I'm like a lone wolf, symbolizing independence, but really
    Standing alone
    With no where to go.

    I am me and this is how I feel,

    Who do you think I am?

    Because I don't know anymore...