• A Shepherd's Love
    By: Jaime

    The Lord is my shepherd,
    I will listen to his word.

    Though I am a sinner,
    He will make me a winner.

    From my sin, I took a leap,
    And became one of His sheep.

    But a wolf came and he,
    Decided to take me.

    He came very sneakily,
    And used his flattery.

    As a weak sheep, I fell for it,
    And landed in his dark pit.

    Then I began to pray,
    Every night and every day.

    On the seventh day I saw,
    The Lord of light and law.

    Then my Lord was struck,
    And He fell in the muck.

    The wolf came from around a bend,
    Struck my Lord again, and that was the end.

    "He's gone," the wolf said.
    My Lord was dead.

    I kept thinking about it,
    But remained in the pit.

    Then it was, after three days,
    I looked up and saw golden rays.

    Suddenly, I was out of the pit,
    And that was when I saw it.

    I slowly, carefully, turned around,
    And fell on my face on the ground.

    I was now revived,
    For my Lord was alive.