• Do You Remember?

    tab Back in the day when boys had cooties?

    tab When girls were gross?

    tab When little brothers and sisters came from a bird with a sheet in its beak?

    tab When you were excited that a fat man would break into your house to eat and give you presents?

    tab When an abnormally large, genderless rabbit would come into your house and put eggs that it got from who-knows-where into a basket with plastic grass in it?

    tab And that particular time was the only time you related bunnies with eggs?

    tab When little girls could run around without shirts on and it wasn’t a problem?

    tab When little boys [or older boys] would walk around in their boxers and it was the girls who were embarrassed?

    tab When singing off key made everyone smile at how cute you were?

    tab When shorts came lower than your underwear?

    tab When you could ask bad, rude, or disgusting questions and you would be labeled as “cute” and “saying the darndest things”?

    tab When kissing was disgusting, siblings dating made you giggle, and boys said that they would “never, ever, EVER kiss a girl”?

    Yeah, I miss those days too.