• There are nights when I stay awake for days, while I ponder on my restless thoughts. I am So unsure of things right now, that my mind goes twirling!

    In my dreams I am laying in a garden. In this garden is nothing, but dead
    black roses.

    While laying in this garden all I have on is only, but a white blanket.

    My whole life has been twined into seeping black darkness.

    Don't you see what you've dont to me? My heart has been torn into pieces.

    I have nowhere to run. I am now just a fallen angel, an angel with nowhere to
    go, but to the madness that surrounds hell.

    So, now my life is slowly fading away. AS I'm fading there is an extravagent light, hopefully this light is the light, that brings my life back into greatness!

    As I say Goodbye, a single red tear falls from my eyes. I close my eyes, and
    remember you for the last time!

    So Goodnight, and Goodbye for this is the end of my life.