• This Girl will capture the goodness
    Of your Heart. She’ll let you be her
    Mother, her father, her best friend,
    Her provider, maybe even a lover
    Depending on her taste. In the
    Beginning you’ll feel compelled
    To be concerned, then worried next
    You’ll want to protect her. She’ll be
    To stubborn to let you but that’s
    Just a show. She’ll draw you in with
    Stories and tales, maybe a tear or two
    On the phone. Time Passes. The
    Story gets old everyday. She rants
    And raves about the unfairness
    In everyday aspects of her life.
    “My family this…My money that…
    Schools impossible…love life’s a
    Pain…blah blah” But I do ask is
    That not life? It’s suppose to be
    Hard but somehow she doesn’t
    Get the message cause they’ve
    Been hiding her. She complains
    About the decisions she’s made
    But is compelled to seek them
    Thought. If it’s a choice are you
    Allowed to complain every step
    Of the way? She loves the feeling
    Of a show, expanding her story
    To dramatics, leaving out concrete
    Facts. Leaving you with a mess
    Of abstract facts. Some stupidly
    Worry and let it become their lives
    To mange her Well being. THIS GIRL
    Will drive you mad…she’s non-
    Constant. She’ll drive you up
    A wall with her emotional in turns
    And out…This Girl is not me…
    She’s the one that’s in your life
    Whom you can’t seem to let go
    No matter the annoyance you
    Watch out for this Girl…
    You’ll lose your identity
    Cause of her…. =P