• As the clock strikes Midnight
    The silence conforms the sky
    And the night. He walks across
    A single bridge over looking
    The calm river. He pause at
    The edge. He grips the rails
    Tight turning his knuckles
    Pale. He looks up towards
    The taunting full moon. He’s
    Blue eyes sparkled for a
    Moment. He took a step back
    And released his grip. He turned
    His back to the rails and slightly
    Leaned against it. As he looked
    Up he saw her again walking
    Swiftly to his side from the
    Other side. She looked at
    Him for a moment holding
    Her stance. She raised her arm
    To brush the hair from his
    Eyes. She held her hand on
    His cheek. With the other
    Hand she grabbed his hand.
    Placing a gently kiss on his lip
    She said “Let’s go home, love’