• Kiss me sweet,
    I hide the fear, discreet.
    I hear you say those three words,
    yet I can't repeat.
    This fear and this abundant curse,
    this gift and this wonderful work
    of nature and the nocturne
    that holds me back!

    I want to run through the woods, wild and free!
    To be the animal I know I am,
    but yet you call to me!
    I will not tame these instincts for anyone!
    If you are going to be mine, you must be able to run!
    Run With The Wolves!

    Yet... Oh, yet...

    The rage subsides... And I see that little smile.
    That little look on your face, so soft and light.
    It makes me miss being human.
    It makes me not want to fight.
    To be carefree like I once was,
    and share normal times.
    The simple pleasures, like walking in the light.
    God, you're so decadent and fragile it scares me...
    You tempt me so,
    You make the hunger grow.
    It makes the primal instincts well,
    and the heat roil and swell.
    It makes me not want you, so I don't have to hold back...
    So I don't hurt you...
    But I am generally a selfish creature, and love is what I lack...

    So maybe... If I reveal myself little by little...
    Maybe you'll get used to it....
    Maybe you'll keep up, and learn to love it...
    But... I'll always fear,
    whenever you're near.
    That you'll be hurt by what I am.
    But, maybe things will get better...
    God help this inhuman...
    God help you, my little one,
    My Decadent Love...