• Final Breath

    He was a soldier to the core
    staying true through the war.
    This mission though, he did not like
    for it would cost him his own life.
    There was no way around it; it had to be done
    bombs had to drop and enemies had to run.
    He was sent out in a group of five
    knowing truly that they all were going to die.
    They started to fight through the infested city
    but in the end it did not look so pretty.
    Two were shot, both in the head
    the other two were just plain dead.
    He was put to the test, for the final time
    one more enemy dropped, the last in line.
    Although he did not leave without a cut...
    The enemy fired one off and got him in the gut.
    He targeted his area enabling the nuke to drop.
    Now he could finally sit down and stop.
    He lay against a concrete wall
    watching the nuke, slowly fall.
    It hit the ground with tremendous force
    having no problems running its course.
    Only a few seconds until the blast got to him
    the skies went black and everything went dim.
    And so,
    The aftermath of a soldiers battle through a terrorizing city,
    Gut in hand, bleeding to death, he happily took, his final breath...