• Away in the shadows, I sit alone.
    Thinking of a place I can call my home.
    Waiting and watching as people walk by;
    I look to the ground and quietly sigh.

    Remembering my past with no hurt or no pain.
    Little drops trickle down my face as it silently rains.
    I stare at the ground and what do I see?
    My reflection, but she’s younger than me.

    Laughing and singing and dancing around,
    until she falls and drops to the ground.
    Some cuts and a bruise but no time to waste!
    The sight is now gone, and all that I face

    is just me, drowning with loss and despair
    I close my eyes and thinking of those I care,
    I look to the ground and look up high
    and all I see are my friends as clouds in the sky.