• Some people say your pathetic sitting in the corner on your own
    When all you want is time to reflect and be alone
    A loved one could leave your side
    And it could feel like your on the nastiest bumpy ride
    Your best friend could stab you straight in the back
    Or you could feel like everyones against you like your under attack
    Your always the one to apoligise first
    Yet you always come out looking like the bad one and feeling worst
    When your inlove and you dont want to be apart
    How come its that when you kiss him your then a tart
    When you make friends with someone you lost in the past
    Why does everyone back away from you so very fast
    When you decide to change and colour your hair
    How come everyone in the street finds it amusing to stop and stare
    When your really hyper and feel like having fun and being a bit of a freak
    Why is it that people put you down and make you feel so weak
    When you want to hold your boyfriends hand but his friends dont think your good enough
    You just stand and look him in the eyes and think if you love me enough why dont you say its nothing to do with you so tough
    When you feel there is nothing left in this cruel world for you
    Just stop and think your not the only one there is other people too
    Look in the mirror and smile at what you have got
    Dont be as fragile anymore dont, look at what your not!