• Ive been living in my mind
    And some days I wish I could just rewind
    But this day is something else
    I can't believe my senses, myself

    All this time I've been dreaming
    And I have never understood the real meaning
    Between you and me
    And if its meant to be

    To actually face the fact that someone loves me
    And is alongside me instead of above me
    Is hard to take in
    Inside my heart, its like a robbery break in

    Ive been hoping for someone to have feelings for me
    But now that I know its not at all that simple, I really see
    That even with your soul mate
    You have a pretty big plate

    I love to be around you
    You complete me, its true
    I love to embrace you, to be in your arms
    Then I feel safe, no one will do me any harm

    But above these feelings, emotions
    And devotions
    I hesitate
    And try to think to get my head straight.

    I dont know for certain if you love me
    But I'm guessing my mind is playing tricks, see
    I dont know if this love's true
    Or if its right to be with you

    But when I think back to all the times we've been together
    It seems like forever
    That we've laughed to eachother
    And embraced one another

    But I am afraid, see?
    Afraid you won't come to my aid, for me
    Do I tell you my true feelings?
    Will you understand me? My meaning?

    There's one thing I must ask you
    Before I tell you what i'm going through
    Is she only someone aside?
    I really want to confide in you

    So tell me the truth please
    I'm just trying to let my emotions release
    I need to know if you have feelings for her
    If so, I shall lurk...
    Away, away fom you and her, and never see you again
    My heart shall be broken, for I will know its the end

    But I shall not blame you
    My love for you is too true
    Too true for hatred
    And I shall keep this sacred in my heart
    Until we're together