• While I went off to work one day,
    She decided to paint the wall.
    And when I came back home that night,
    She was curled into a ball.

    Her eyes were closed, she was breathing hard,
    Her hair was very wet.
    From her head to the tips of her pretty toes,
    She was covered all in sweat.

    She was wrapped in a jacket made of down,
    With a fur coat on top of that.
    The wall was glowing with new, fresh paint;
    On the floor, the paint can sat.

    "Sweetheart!" I cried, with a worried look,
    "Are you all right, my dear?"
    She lazily opened her lovely eyes,
    And smiled from ear to ear.

    "I knew I could do it," she said with a grin;
    "I followed the paint can notes.
    It clearly said 'For best results,
    Be sure to put on two coats.'"