• Seasons are changing, Every story has an ending.
    But for us four it's a new beginning,

    What a crazy day when we are complete,
    we shared our secrets and have a treat,
    every jokes are funny,every moment are precious,
    every moment is fun every food are delicious.

    We love each other with a strong bond,
    Life is incomplete when one of us not around,
    That 's why i cant believe what is happening to us,
    But she is gone and left the three of us.

    we are four until the rest of the time,

    we are four though you are left us rhyme,
    our path is always going wherever you are,
    We are friend we are the star.

    we are four for the rest of the life,
    not just three, not even five,
    Picture in our heart we are four remains.
    'Forever Friend' until the end..