• Mortal misery grasps my hand to commence the evening affair,

    Floating along the shining stage of lucid dreams in disrepair,

    Beginning quite slowly, the macabre dance sickeningly unfurls,

    Twisted pain and spiraling despair make up the court dress and curls,

    Flamenco swirl in a placation of fine flourished entropy.

    Away from life's sweltering sense of tragic depravity,

    drowning in this dipping animate tapestry of cynical bliss,

    the body swings wildly, plagued with mental rigor mortis,

    Colorful tango, irreversible retreat from the onlooker's stare,

    A glean in the partners eye is engulfed with foreboding care,

    Too caught up in mystic balladry to take heed of this sign,

    His festering cowl hiding the sinister smirk so malign,

    Nightfall arrived, crimson trickle forming upon a moonlit fore,

    The crowds cheers transformed to a deafening roar,

    One last kiss to end the show, the soft touch of depression,

    From under the mask, tender lips caress my repression,

    Head spinning while images blur, strangling emotional flood,

    Motionless my corpse does lay, in a radiant pool of blood.