• Like a puzzle I have many pieces
    Some are big and some are small
    The more you work on this puzzle the more pieces you lose
    The more I mend the more pieces come back
    So don't hurt my soul
    Don't hurt me
    No more lies
    Puzzle piece hearts are hard to put together
    But once you fix it u go and destroy it
    So don't try and help
    Just stay out
    Go away
    Leave me alone
    And don't help me anymore
    I know your in love
    So don't go around and flirt
    Cuz your gonna end up hurting her to
    When you realize the damage you have done
    Then you will be forgiven
    But until then you will be forgoten
    My heart may be in many pieces
    But i will never give up on hope
    That maybe some day the right guy will put it back
    And you shall be the one broke