• Unwanted

    The gently fall of the snow sent peace and silence across the city. She sat on the wooden bench over looking the still freezing lake. She looked down at the delicate envelope. She released a heavy sight as she slowly reopened the envelope for the thousandth time in the last five years. His letter. She shut her eyes tight and reopened them. The wind blow an easy breeze gently taking the letter with it. She briefly panicked getting up immediately. But she stopped herself. Why? What was the point? Holding on to His letter won’t bring him back, it’ll just drive her insane instead. She relaxed the tense that took hold of her body… She couldn’t help but look in the direction of the run away letter. She could barely see through the snow as it landed near a man by a tree…She turns her attention back to the lake. So the guy was going to be a gentlemen and return His letter. She sighed. ‘Seems I can’t get rid of it’. He approached. She slowly grabbed it and looked up at him. She was speechless as her eyes begun to water. She jumped up and hugged him tight, unwilling to let go. She didn’t want to let go as she finally felt him for the first time. She spoke for the first time “Don’t ever let me go”.


    He loved the snow. The purity of the white snow was peaceful. He brushed his brown hair way from his blues as he leaned unmoved from beneath a tree. He sighed. He loved her more then the peaceful snow. She was the star that light up his life. But his star had faded away. He looked up towards the freezing lake trying to hold back the emotion ready to ruin him. He stiffen as the wind blow gently pass him. Movement from the corner of his eye distracted him from the wind. He walked away from the tree and slowly walked toward the object. He brushed away the leafs sitting on top. He picked it up and examine it. He held his breath, it was His letter. He looked up. He saw her in the distance as she shifted on the bench looking in his direction. He recognized her always. He begin to walk towards her. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what he was doing. He just had to be near her and say something. He approached her. She sat unmoved on the bench looking out towards the lake. She didn’t even look his way. He held His letter close for a moment then slowly handed it to her. “I think you dropped this” It happen all to fast as He held her tighter with ever minute that passed. Speaking slowly in her ear, “I never did”.