• My Shattered Heart

    When I get lonely I feel the silence well
    I get a lump in my throat that begins to swell
    I feel angry,left out in the cold,unloved
    This feeling overshadows me.my pain has evolved
    I felt my lover die today & not for the first time
    Why does my heart feel so shattered
    Feeling like,the night before,I just got hammered
    I lye hear in my bed,dead
    Dread for the day ahead
    When will I see you in real reality
    Will that day ever happen,tell it to me
    Give me the sign that signifies,all is alright
    With alll my love I try to fight
    Make me free from this hell
    When will I stop dieing
    When will I start breathing
    Will my heart ever stop bleeding
    Will my heart,ever again,start beating
    I'm all alone,the fear settles in
    Wher am I,where have I been
    Do I know these people around me who see me
    I now find my safe haven
    Please love take me with you to heaven