• 1/21/09 “Loving Isabella” By: Brandon K. McLemore

    Isabella you are always on my mind. Oh how I love you so much. I can’t sleep without you. I can’t breathe without you. The sky closes on me when you’re not around; the sun is black until you smile at me. Oh how I lay on the ground. Oh how I’ll be able to touch the night with you by my side. I’d lay my heart out for you. I’d lay out my soul to give only to you. Oh I can’t wait to the night we next meet. My eyes fixated on you as my mind is fixated on you’re beauty. My heart belonging to you in that moment of time, when we will never end as long as you’re doing alright. With you nothing is wrong, oh watch as the heavens rain for you. In the winter you keep me warm. In the rain your love is strong while we stand in it so deeply fallen into each others eyes. Oh how the clouds of passion set out above us now. I put my whole life into my heart, the heart that is now in your possesion. You don’t know how much jelousy comes over me when your around others. Yet I still leave you to them because my love is your fredom. My hands never want to let go of yours. I love you for you’re personality and everything else that’s you. I’m desperate without you, talking to the walls again. I’m in darkness without you, I’m cold without you’re touch. I’m dead without you’re your love. I would give up the light to see you. I would sell my soul to see you smile one more time. I want to hold on to all the memories of you. I’ll tell you what I see; gentleness inside, softness on the outside, beauty through and through. I can’t pretend that nothing ever goes the way it shopuld without you. If you leave me in the dark I will wait forever never going to light. I’ll wait in the dark forever for you baby even if you’re mot my baby anymore. I may shed tears and feel paibn always. But I’ll still wait for you forever. Forever in love with you I will be…my Isabella.