• Two o'clock
    I still can't sleep
    You think it hurt you
    When we where through
    I lost you
    I lost my life
    You were all that mattered

    I get up at two o'clock
    And I sit
    Alone in the dark
    Nothing to do, noone to call
    Nobody will help me now
    I am cold
    But nobody truly cares

    Hours later
    I go to school
    The hurt I hold inside
    Bubbles up
    It shows as anger
    Hate to everyone around me
    I feel like screaming...but I can't

    Many more hours and still here I am
    Sitting alone in my mind
    It is dark and its cold
    I can't think
    I'm to scared
    Cause every time I let my mind wander,
    it wanders back to you

    once again at home
    I sit in my room in the dark
    My phone rings,
    But I refuse to pick it up
    Let you think I am dead
    What do you care.