• Life, love, And the pursuit of happiness, Does not apply.

    Where the hell does it all go, Heart? A mind? a soul?

    I don't have one anymore.

    I gave them up so long ago, I don't even notice anymore.

    What is love, but to lead me astray.

    What good is crying, when it brings pain.

    I am not just, I am Damned, unholy.

    Help you, kill me, from the inside out.

    Take away the ME in me and throw it away to see something that isn't.

    For my secrets don't exist until you know, until they spill.

    There is no pursuit, not anymore.

    I just can't, I just won't, make myself something I'm not.

    Let me help you, help me, help myself, not others.

    I don't want to love, hurt, hate.

    But I do, Oh I do, but I deny, ever doing so.

    Because of those, those wretched. Those liars, the downfall of my humanity.

    Life, death is certain, Heaven? Hopefully. If I try hard enough.

    I can be as good as I'm supposed to.

    Never mind, I don't need your help, I'll succeed.



    In my broken.



    Of a life.