• For all those soldiers that are dying in the feild
    to all the people who are suffering just because of their cuture
    but insted of losing
    insted of being pushed around
    we fight
    we fight to stand our ground
    but those soldiers are dieing because their the ones that care
    that care for us
    that stand up for us
    but we dont even care
    we just make fun of them
    even though they die just so we can have a happy life
    does not mean we can make fun of them
    you know all those people that care and their husbands die
    die just for their kids
    but those kids
    those kids love
    those are the kids that grow up to be thankful
    they think about what their life would be with their dad
    the wifes and the mothers and fathers the sisters they suffer the most they would pray every night just so they can hug that person again
    but you know what you think
    you think about all that stuff that those soldiers do for you
    they suffer for you
    so just think about it
    cause i learned that im thankfull that i have a dad with me right now
    not out there suffering
    so thank you for every thing
    this is my prayer