• how could you do this to me after all we've been through
    after everything i did for you,i still loved you
    i know you were waiting for me,time ran out and you gave up
    but you got with one of my "friends",now thats ******** up
    i never ever hurt hurt you,but you hurt me
    and you were just playing me,THAT i couldn't see
    but now i know better to stay away from the likes of you
    and now im healing,i don't want nothing to do with you
    did you ever think how this would effect me?
    i gave you all my heart,but now its locked and you threw away the key
    im done now,crying over you all those sleepless nights
    being with me,using me like that wasn't at all right
    time may heal this pain,but im not forgiving you
    ima stop crying over yo