• Rainbows, Sunshine, Puppies, Kitties,
    Fairytales, Princesses, I’ll get you my pretties,
    Pink, Yellow, Smiles, Hearts,
    Nice, Sweet Yummy pop tarts,
    Teddy bears, Bunnies, Hugs, Kisses
    Dreams, Stars, Beautiful wishes,
    Hot chocolate, Blankets, Pillows, Awake,
    Ice cream, Cookies, Cotton candy, Cake
    Warmth, Love, Things that I want
    So desperately they taunt and taunt,
    If life is so fun you can have mine,
    And know what it feels like to hurt all the time,
    Wish I May, Wish I Might
    Have a family that wishes good night
    Maybe have a cooked meal just one a week
    Instead another’s love is all I can seek,
    However this action tears me apart
    I don’t have invitations to my broken heart