• I wish you'd see the world through another's eyes.
    Let's get all mixed up,
    and trade shoe size,
    because maybe then,
    you'd see how it is in other people's lives.

    Sometimes I wish we could just compromise,
    forget all the dirty lies,
    never have to say goodbyes.
    I'm wishing we could have remained allies.

    I'm hoping that maybe you could revise,
    those twisted, dirty lies.
    Lies we all despise.
    Maybe some day instead of planning one another's demise,
    we could give rise,
    to another suprise.

    Maybe someday we won't have to live under a guise.
    We could live in harmony under the same blue skies.
    That way nobody cries,
    and we wouldn't have to break off all our ties.

    Its so sad when a friendship dies,
    all because of dirty, twisted lies.
    Guess with one of us the shoe size,
    is just too oversized.