• and there i sit in the darkest corner
    i am what some people call a loner
    scars all over my wrists bleeding all over
    i guess my luck can never be like a four leaf clover
    no body seems to care for someone like me
    i guess a suicidal teenager is what they see
    i hated it when i was left to fight my demons alone
    its like my home is not a home
    i feel like running away to a place of happiness and joy
    but i guess my mind is playing me like a toy
    i dont think im supposed to be here today
    but i suppose i cant take my life away
    i tried once or twice before but it didnt work
    it was because you were being a jerk
    how am i supposed to live life with so much pain
    and the only thing to hide my tears is the rain
    i gave myself these scars that i have on my arm
    i guess i carry sorrow just like a charm
    Am i gonna be like this my entire life?
    i dont kno but it sure feels like it doesnt it?