• True Loves Doom

    To speak the words that have never been found. Hear nothing at all, no noise no sound. for in the forgotten darkness you'll find another true feelings soul bared love divine.

    Night brings in a loveless sorrow. Love and loves last, until it be morrow.

    Forsaken words, sought but not spoke. Somewhere lost, still not yet broken.

    Promises kept, by promises keep. Crypt none the less for written words sheath.

    Moon shines bright and moon shines full. hidden by the lie too bold. Some light to night some night to hold. Lose not thy confident stride for love in loves hand is true love un-denied.

    Still some where a soft heart's broken. Loves lost loves devotion.

    True love never fails and true love never loses, still the pain of false loves deluded. A poison in roses bloom. frost on love is loves true doom.

    An over thought love is never true. love is blind and soon they bloom. Blossomed forth in the dim light of the moon.

    Never forget the True loves doom.