• What happened to us
    we used to be best friends
    You would tell me everything, as would i
    You used to vent to me
    You used to show me off to your friends
    You used to ask me to stay a while
    When we got in trouble, we would laugh
    We had great times together
    Times i will never forget
    But we are older now
    Now we pass by eachother with only a playful push
    You dont tell me anything anymore
    When you are mad you call your friends and lock your door
    When i am around you and your friends, you act like i am a pest
    You shove me away
    When we are in trouble, you jump up and down saying i did it
    I miss you
    Why cant i go back to old times,
    When we were best friends,
    When we shared all our laughs, all our secrets
    As we grew apart,
    You used to say you wanted to be best friends for life
    I can still remember the day,
    We were in your room having a great time,
    And your exact words were,
    "I want to be best friends, like the ones who are always together
    and tell everything to.",
    i said i did to,
    Now i sit here wondering why you lied to me,
    Why you got my hopes up,
    Wondering what i did wrong
    You have better friends now,
    Friends whom you showed me as nothing better than a pice of trash
    What happened to that lie you spoke of
    The lie i wish came true?
    Why do you hate me,
    Why cant you love me,
    I miss you, come back to me