• There went our last goodbye
    I'll say it never came
    I just can't bear to try
    to overcome this pain

    You waved goodbye and whispered
    of how we'd never change
    I didn't want to listen
    or be without your face

    I prayed you'd never leave me
    that you'd always be here
    But now you do not need me
    It's the truth I've feared

    I can still remember
    what's done and what I said
    If I could take it back
    I think first I'd choose death

    "I love you, please don't go"
    and all that sad nonsense
    The words fell from my lips
    without my true consent

    Still I wish you'd listened
    though I know you've moved on
    You're smile forever burns me
    More so now that you're truly gone

    Here's to you, my angel
    Just to be more precise
    How did you spell your name again?
    I'd like to get it right