• Letting yourself continue in darkness or light,
    In all the fear that we share and try to overcome,
    For every tear drop that falls from your face,
    Everyone can overcome these things together if we try

    Maybe it's just me
    but I don't think my life is terrible
    everyone thinks you have to be
    totally rich and popular but i am lovable
    and kind and sweet so that's all I need
    for I don't heed riches or fame
    I just need to be me to succeed
    in life so it's hard to watch you all without saying what shame
    you should have for acting your way
    because you pretend your the best of the whole
    wide world but your just as good as me even is you weigh
    less or look prettier because I might be smarter but do I take your role
    of being the best away I didn't think so well maybe you
    can understand this if I told simply that right from birth
    everyone of us are great and all you have to do
    is try and live with hate or despair and we might have a better life to share this one Earth