• i close my eyes and try to sleep
    but that image haunts me vividly.
    i wish i never saw your body broken
    lyeing lifeless on the floor.
    i try to save you, try to help
    but the door was blocked, me unsure.
    i hoped you wouldnt do this to yourself
    but i know staring at that bloody knife
    this life was not for you to live
    you need to escape, but why like this
    why now whith me on the
    other side of your door.
    i saw your blood your painless face
    and hoped it never came to this.
    i whished i was dreaming,
    i told myself to wake.
    i knew i was living it and
    wanted you to stay.
    i wished i could save you
    i needed you here so now im
    alone i have nowone there.
    why did you leave you were to young
    you had lived so little in your time
    now the only thing i ever want is
    you here for me.