• Ah, Mon Joli Ange

    You had been my best friend,
    My life and end,
    But with your betrayal
    My world fell apart.

    The hands that once comforted me
    Now caused me the most pain.
    The tears I had once hidden from sight
    Broke free from their Confines.

    Crystalline tears,
    Proof of my pain.
    I had told you once that if you betray me,
    I'd kill myself.

    Ah, Mon Joli Ange,
    My angel who fell from the sky.
    The one who shed its sheep's skin,
    Showing me your true identity.

    The truth is, you were never mine,
    And I was never yours.
    Piece by Piece,
    Over and Over.

    It hit me,
    Again and Again,
    Ah, Mon Joli Ange.
    Ah, My Pretty Angel.