• the mist across my face...
    the darkness pulling me in
    how much can i take?...
    before i drown

    this sudden feeling
    that is all inside i can't
    take in all the sorrow...

    take me out of this mist!
    grab my hand, set me free!

    don't leave me alone!
    i can't stand the fact that you've gone away from me....

    don't leave my heart
    set me free from this curse
    that ties me down to fear

    all of my troubles
    i took out on you!
    i'm so sorry i just didn't know!

    so when you go away
    i'm fearful on the inside!

    all in my lonely life
    i've waited for your voice
    all i've done for you is push you away!

    so i'm sorry...
    don't go...