• I tried to run,
    I tried to hide.
    I gave up myself,
    and now I'm trapped inside

    I am restless in my journey,
    the restless nights fly by.
    I've come so far now,
    but this is the day that i die.

    But I'm still alive,
    for all to see.
    Well in health,
    happy as can be.

    I have found love,
    and I've given my all to her.
    I want to help my love,
    that is the way that I prefer.

    They fall to Hell,
    and she follows.
    I dive and catch her,
    falling down the hollows.

    I put my hand forward,
    I grip the wall.
    It rips off my nails,
    and still we fall.

    I look up,
    my hand still drags.
    A voice tells me,
    "Drop your bags."

    My cargo too precious,
    I hold on to my youth.
    I still fight against Hell,
    but I know the truth.

    Reaching as I fall,
    Breaking slowly,
    Nothing left to lose,
    Loving you again,
    It's Already Over now.