• These moments with you
    Fill me with dread
    They make me wish
    That I'd stayed in bed.

    I shaved my legs for this?
    Man, what a joke!
    You make me so angry
    I start emiting smoke!

    Out of my ears
    My nose and my eyes
    How you continuously mock me
    And tell me nothing but lies!

    No matter my approach
    You always strike fear
    That steeps with the anger
    As you sit there and lear.

    Oh, how I detest you!
    I hate you the most!
    And after your victory
    You do nothing but boast.

    Your thin, red finger
    Points to my defeat
    And makes my head hang
    As I'm again beat.

    As despair again settles
    It now drives me insane!
    Through the glass you're hurled
    Just nicking the pane.

    A victorious smile
    Settles on my lips
    As you lie in the grass
    Smashed completely to bits.

    But my rejoicing's cut short
    As he enters with the mail
    Giving me a blank look
    Asking, "Was that just the scale?"