• I've seen this kid at school,
    We're not really that cool,
    But I know him enough.
    Enough to know that he isn't tough.

    And who wouldn't believe me?
    That skinny kid has no strength, see?
    Look, they push him.
    And they poke him.

    He just won't fight back, what is it?
    He doesn't cry, he can take a hit.
    He won't bother raising his fist!
    Is there something about this kid that I missed?

    Man, what a freak.
    Talk about a creep.
    I bet he talks in his sleep.
    Or maybe he's just weak.

    But this kid's got the will.
    I'm so glad looks couldn't kill.
    That cold, defiant stare shoots from his brown eyes.
    Can almost scare anyone, even those football guys.

    Yet, he won't take a stand!
    What is it with him? I'm sure he's mad!
    Come on, kid, show me what you got!
    Look, I'm standing right here! Aren't you pissed off?

    Then he gives me that look.
    As if he thinks I'm shook.
    Well, maybe a little, just a bit.
    But dammit kid, why won't you give me a hit!

    So strange.
    Or maybe just deranged.
    Is his mind messed up, or is it mine?
    Forget this, I'm wasting my time.