• A whirled breath from slender lips
    Cascaded the melody of the night sky
    Each glistened with both the intensity of a thousand suns
    And the elegant touch of a goddess's kiss
    Falling through the darkness i hindered and watched each insignificant blemish on the total emptiness
    The smallest differences crystallizing in the wistful breeze
    A new world opened to mine
    It seemed to engulf the surroundings
    Insignificant and small, my presence was hindered
    Dull but noticed
    Recognizable as a blemish on flawless skin
    However, it was meaningful
    I was meaningful
    The stars shone hope and life of its complex structure
    Each caressing kiss of the invisible gods
    Swept the night into a thousand colours
    Enlightening the sky and revealing the true colours of its definitive meaning
    Was this no more than complexity?
    The mere reassembling of code and parts?
    Was there no more to life than meaningless digits rearranged in uncomprehending order?
    I looked up, the space and wonders reflecting in my eyes
    The future was the holder of our experiences
    Our love
    Our life