• heart
    A thousand times I've needed you
    and a thousand times ive cried
    If love alone could have saved you
    you never would have died
    A heart of gold stopped beating
    as two dreary eyes closed to rest
    One last breath escaped your body
    as you held the bible close to your chest

    You were more than just my grandpa
    you were my father, a hero and best friend
    Feeling anger against god for taking you
    you were to young for your life to end
    But by wishing you were still here
    is being selfish on my part
    Because you suffered to much father
    by a disease that slowly weakened your heart.

    I never got to say goodye
    and i think thats what hurts most of all
    I'll never forget that night
    That I got the dreadful call
    I was awaken at 4 in the morning
    by a voice that whispered in my ear
    At first I thought I was dreaming
    untill i felt the wetness of my tears

    It makes me sad to know
    you wont be there to walk me down the aisle
    But i know that on that day
    you'll be looking down on me with a smile
    And everywhere i go
    theres a part of you with me
    Your the reflection in the water
    and the warmth of a summers breeze

    Please watch over me poppa
    help guide me through dark days
    Be my light in the darkness
    that helps me find my way