• Sometimes I wonder, "What's the reason why I live?"
    Sometimes I wonder, "Why do I have to live?"
    Living my life everyday helps me answer my questions.
    The challenges,problems and many other things that I experienced, makes me see what is right and what is wrong
    It makes me not to do the same mistakes that I did before
    And it helps me not to make fool of myself again

    Sometimes life becomes harder and harder.
    Sometimes you just want to give up, and die, rather than sacrifice

    Sometimes some of my firends say, "Why would you do that?" or "Why do you have to do that?"
    Then I would say..."Because, I don't want to live the life that everyone else likes."

    If you want to ask what are my mistakes, my mistakes are like everyone else's:Trusting the wrong person?Hurting someone that you shouldn't?And most of all Hoping that something would come true, even if you know that it wouldn't.And in the end, you'll just end up getting hurt.And then, you'll regret it.

    But then suddenly, a person will come to you
    And say,"Don't give up, you know i'm always here."