• On Christmas i got her two stuffed animal kittens,
    on new years i got her a pair of really warm mittens.
    They were nice gifts but she never seemed happy with them which really means me.
    Valintines day heart is soon but what to get her,
    I really need to do better.
    "What do you want the most for valintines day"
    "Figure it out, cause i won't say"
    The day arrived, i had nothing
    i needed to come up with something.
    "What did you get me, and please don't kid."
    "I got you the best thing ever i really did!"
    I have spotted a target and i won't miss,
    her lips, because opon them i will lay a kiss. heart heart heart
    She giggled and smiled,
    " You finaly got it but it took you a while" rolleyes