• once she was my friend
    i told her my secrets
    she told me her secrets
    we hung out every weekend

    once she got mad
    i made new friends
    she made new friends
    things just wern't the same

    and once she got mad again
    she got lonely
    and came back to me
    but i noticed something different

    once she smoked weed
    everything changed
    and once again
    things wern't the same

    once she made one bad choice
    every choice became a bad choice
    i got scared
    and i diddnt know what to do

    Then once she got caught
    everything changed
    i no longer see her
    but is this a good thing

    Once again we grew apart
    shes in jail
    and im still here
    im still waiting for her

    once i missed her
    i realized the choices you make
    dont only affect you
    but everybody else too

    kayla i really miss you