• I cant feel my body,
    just a head,
    floating in the middle of darkness,
    the only things keeping me alive,
    i stare up at the old cracked ceiling,
    I feels my eyelids force themselves closed,
    i resist and pry them open,
    just staring,
    my entire body burned,
    especially my neck,
    I had a hard time breathing,
    the bite mark bled,
    the warm crimson red blood trickled down my neck,
    it sent a shiver up my spine,
    the burning grew intense,
    I let out a moan of pain,
    I try to scream,
    but break out in a fit of coughs,
    i felt myself fading,
    drowning myself in darkness,
    my eyes close,
    drifting away,
    i say my final goodbyes,
    I fall into a deep dark sleep,
    I suddenly awaken,
    i bolt upright,
    and slowly fall back down because of the pain,
    panic ing,
    I look up and find my self staring into the eyes of a strange man,
    dressed in a weird coat,
    loaded with weapons of all kind,
    his teeth glinted in the light,
    i hear him yelp in pain,
    a scent fills my nose,
    it putts me in a hypnotized state,
    i sit upright,
    no pain,
    where did this sudden strength come from,
    I crawl toward the drop of blood on the ground,
    i must have been from the man his finger was bleeding,
    i lick it up for reasons i don't even know of,
    dumbfounded, i look up at him,
    he stares back at me,
    and in a deep mysterious voice says,
    welcome to the hunt."